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Strike the Earth! Shovel Knight Arranged

by Jake Kaufman

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(INTRO FANFARE ) MAIN VERSE Hy-per Ca-me-lot! (ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh) Fighting with ALL THEY'VE GOT (ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh!) Hy-per Ca-me-lot! (ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh!) Ride into danger, Evil beware, Our powerful horses Carry us there We are val-iant knights! (Power, justice) Fighting with all of our might! (Save the Kingdom, Hail to the Crown) We stand for what's right! (Isle of Avalon) Strong and bold, the, Knights, of, Old, Are, HERE ORCHESTRAL FANFARE / SPOKEN VOICE INTERLUDE: Many years ago, the kingdom of Britannia stood proud, Defying the forces of evil, guarded by Arthur and his magical sword, Excalibur. Now there are many who would see this great land fall... These stalwart knights will stop them, through chivalry, honor, and teamwork. Go, Knights! Defend the realm! BRIDGE O, Brave Sir Lancelot, Your power shines through your spirit Percival, Galahad, and King Arthur Gawain! These warriors seek the Grail But Mordred's army lurks near it This is their story.. MAIN VERSE REPRISE Hy-per Ca-melot (ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh) Fighting with All They've Got (tm) (Guinevere was captured as well!) Draw Ex-Ca-Li-Bur (Save, her, right away) Hy-per-CA-ME-LOT!!!!


This is the official arrange album for Yacht Club Games' 2014 smash hit debut, SHOVEL KNIGHT!


The Original Soundtrack (OST) Album, which includes the complete in-game chiptune soundtrack, is available here: virt.bandcamp.com/album/shovel-knight-original-soundtrack


As some of you may know, I grew up musically as a fan arranger of video game music; before I wrote my first commercial game soundtrack, I had already written dozens of hobbyist arrangements, and released them for free through communities like OCRemix and VGMix. To this day I am still constantly arranging game music, as a hobby and sometimes as a job!

I have made many lifelong friends through the VGM scene, and several of these amazing musicians have graciously contributed their talents to this album.

One of the high points in my life is knowing that Manami Matsumae, one of my biggest inspirations and the composer of the ORIGINAL Mega Man soundtrack, actually arranged a song *I* wrote for a game. This is completely surreal, and hard to fathom.

I wholeheartedly encourage anyone reading this with any musical inclination to have fun with Shovel Knight themes! Even if you have no training or skills, it's never been easier or cheaper to get started with music. Shovel Knight was composed entirely using free software.

Make your own arrangements! Make music videos! Write lyrics! Do crazy stuff! Be brilliant! Be stupid! Share your creativity and love of game music with the world. It's why I make the source files available, and why this album is free.

Heck, if you write your own arrangement that you're proud of, send it to me! I may even add it as a bonus track to this very album.



released June 27, 2014




Jake Kaufman Los Angeles, California

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