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Double Dragon Neon

by Jake Kaufman

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Title Theme 03:16
VERSE 1 Off the ceiling and onto the dance floor Flashing colors are shimmering bright As she watches him move, to her delight Like a tiger she waits in advance for Her attack when the moment is right In the jungle of laser beams, tonight CHORUS Follow me / Follow me! Your love is callin' me! Callin' me! Take hold of me, Like a sorceror controllin' me Couldn't be any clearer Upon my magic mirror, I can see Your true nature callin' me. VERSE 2 In a matter of moments she'll seize him Like a lioness out of a dream Gettin' ready to pounce with all her might Like a kitten with yarn, she will tease him Have him comin' apart at the seams As they dance in the laser beams tonight REPEAT CHORUS
Level Select 00:45
INTRO VERSE 1 My life is slammin' into gear, The pedal's to the metal. At last I conquered all my fear.. I'm gonna drive it hard! I feel the wind rush through my hair, I'm flyin'! Ain't tryin. Don't have the time to spin my wheels, Already come a million miles, Already on the road to paradise, My destination might not be anywhere, I don't care! GUITAR SHRED SOLO VERSE 2 I'm gonna cruise into the sunset, Don't ever need to hit the brakes! On the horizon, whole world's open wide, If life is gonna pass me by, I'm never gonna close my eyes, Wanna ride it, Side by side! BRIDGE Feel the rush and watch the universe fly by, As we speed up and break the speed of sound Hours pass like seconds in our rear view mirror Angle up and leave the ground!
INTRO: (backing: Glad I am!) (backing: Glad I am!) (backing: Glad I am!) (backing: Ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh!) VERSE 1 Awfully familiar They try to kill ya, Every time.. It's a crime You're getting stronger, (backing: he's gettin' stronger!) While ever longer, You resist, With your two fists (harmony: enemies cease to exist) CHORUS 1 It's okay I'm here to stay, And I'm glad I am! Glad I am! Glad I am! (backing: I'm chasin' all the bad guys away) Always alert, Down in the dirt, Bringin' the hurt, And I'm.. Glad I am! Glad I am! VERSE 2 I get the picture They try to hit 'cha They try to kick ya When you're down and out But they don't know ya (backing: yeah, they dunno ya!) Quite like I know ya I know .. what you're all about We'll help each other Cause you're my brother We'll win no matter what the odds are.. We'll turn the heat up Even if we're beat up We'll stomp our foes without a doubt! ((KEYBOARD SOLO)) VERSE THE THIRD Keep gettin' wailed on, But never bailed on, Till the end, Got a friend! I got your back now, Pick up the slack now, Never fear, Army is heeeere! (backing: fools better run for their lives) CHORUS 2 I've appeared.. Alive and feared! Aren'tcha glad I am! Glad I am! Glad I am! (backing: You know we're grabbin' life by the beard) Sharing our might, I'll be all right, Bringing the fight, And I'm.. Glad I am! Glad I am!
Ghost Forest 03:23
Final Palace 03:42
INTRO Ooooh, aahhhh, You beat the game! VERSE Never thought they could stop me Thought I had the girl, and she rocked my world (backing: heck yeahj) Tried to keep her away, In my secret hiding place: Outer space Things are fading to black, There's no turning back, I'm on a roll! Maybe tomorrow.. Won't bring me sorrow (backing: Skull-ma-ged-don) Fallin' right into the void Got me thinkin' that I was destroyed And I'm hopin' that you have enjoyed Beating me down (backing: So-se-tsu-ken) Here's a medal for your victory To remind you of what you did to me! Cause you've gotten me down on my knees Where's the ground? (backing: Look below you, aaaaah!) GUITAR SOLO Yes! Nice guitar solo! Play faster, Williams! That's Abobo on drums! (backing: Aw yeah, nice solo!) BRIDGE / BALLAD Please Remember all the friendship, I brought into your life! For Williams, Abobo, and Linda, (backing: he's ottoman) Together, they skinned ya, (backing: they're not your friends) Forever my loyal color guard, (backing: they are your rivals) And I, A magical skeleton, (backing: a ske-le-ton, no skin) A-rendered to gelatin! Because I... (backing: in bone armor, great style!) I dared to dream.. And in my dream, (backing: so happy, so happy) I made Marian.. My girl fray-i-end (backing: i'll make her my wife) (backing: She brings out the best in me) And in my dream, We lived happily, She and me... (backing: my plan was foolproof.. ahh) Ahh.. Back to reality... VERSE But it was not meant to be They caught wind and they came after me I never expected to see.. Billy Lee! (Jimmy: JIMMY TOO!) Barely had time to prepare, (backing: here they come!) They were fast on the way to my lair, (backing: help me, someone!) The tank and the plant and the biker, (backing: tank, plant, mega biker) Caught unaware! (backing: ahh, one by one they bit the dust) Yeah! (backing: got to my palace at last,) (backing: they were on a tear and i had to think fast) (backing: but they fought right past) I can't believe!!! I'll be back! Nya-ha-ha-ha! I'll return one day to antagonize YOU, Billy and Jimmy!
Here's a lesson on the alternating dash It's so simple you will learn it in a flash! Put one foot behind the other like a pro, And prepare to throw your body to and fro
Vocals by Jessie Seely Recorded by Robert Altschuler at Command Studios, Valencia CA
Girl you know I can't tell you lies! That's a minefield of deep emotion. I'll just look right into your eyes, Light the fuse and start a love explosion
Desperate people in their homes, Artificial, and alone Queen of Pity, on her throne; First in line to cast a stone
Oh, baby baby I wanna be your crutch, With a healing touch, mm-hmm
I'm strung out, I'm on a roll I'm all out of self-control Kicking you in the face! Oi! Oi!
Magic Gambit! You can have it! Magic Gambit! You can grab it!
All my enemies gonna get ROCKED Like the way I rock the party 'till the doors are LOCKED! My fists rise up, make you hurt a BUNCH! When I hit you in the face, with the ONE INCH PUNCH!
Sine Knife Swarm!
He's a maniac, my lover-boy maniac! (He's a maniac) But I just keep spinnin' back!
Dad took off my training wheels! Boy oh boy, how great it feels! In no time, I'm cruisin' around! Immediately fell and smashed my teeth out! Fractured my jaw!
I dislike law enforcement with a vengeance They're just bullies with the worst of intentions! Just the thought gets me and my friends so mad, Gonna find a cop, and kick 'im in the gonads!


The official soundtrack album of Double Dragon Neon, available now on Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network. Published by Majesco Entertainment, developed by WayForward Technologies.


released September 11, 2012




Jake Kaufman Los Angeles, California

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